Name :   John
City, Province/State :   new Jersey
Comment :   I love your website. It rocks hardcore. 5 stars.
Name :   Patxi Oloriz
City, Province/State :   villava, Navarra
Comment :   Hi, my name is Patxi, I practice and teach Hung Kuen from Tang Fong branch.
Name :   colin pianta
City, Province/State :   Brisbane Australia
Comment :   good site well done guys
Name :   Fadir
City, Province/State :   
Comment :   Craftsmen/artisans are insane
Name :   Sean
City, Province/State :   Fishersville, VA
Comment :   Interesting.
Name :   Joe Chan
City, Province/State :   Scarb, Ont
Comment :   Hey boys, met up with Ryan the other night and we were talking about you all. Amazing site! Brings back old memories of the good old days. The lion dance video looks crazy! Hope we can all meet up soon.
Name :   Ty J. Stupak
City, Province/State :   Wadsworth, Ohio
Comment :   I have trained is 3 seperate styles of Kung-Fu and have lost touch with my 1st Sifu. He was the one that taught me 9 section whip and Twin Hooks. That was 20 yrs ago. I currently opened my own Kung-Fu school and have been looking for an informative DVD to
Name :   Ty Stupak
City, Province/State :   Wadsworth, Ohio
Comment :   
Name :   David Lopes
City, Province/State :   Mississauga, Ontario
Comment :   Eric, are you willing to teach hands on? check out my youtube: /rollingfiredragon
Name :   Josh Gardner
City, Province/State :   Fresno,California
Comment :   watched you guys on youtube. Awesome. Its nice to see good kungfu. Best of wishes to you all.
Name :   Jeremy Siegel
City, Province/State :   North Little Rock, Arkansas
Comment :   
Name :   Ryan
City, Province/State :   Markham
Comment :   whats up..... its ur distant cuz.. just want to see how things goin with u guys.. we ever gonna have another gathering?
Name :   Mel
City, Province/State :   Bensalem Pa
Comment :   Gong Hay Fat Choy~! Happy Year of the Rat!
Name :   Arthur
City, Province/State :   HK
Comment :   Eric, Hi, I am Arthur from Hong Kong. I have brought your book about Rope Dart and have read it again and again. I do my practise by making a sand bag with plastic bag and sand inside. And until now, I cannot find a suitable dart. The only one I can f
Name :   rich
City, Province/State :   boston,ma
Comment :   how to order DVD?
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