First Name :   Hunter
E-mail :
Comment :   Really enjoy reading and rereading, Jesus:The Shamanic Tradition of Same-Sex Love. I am certainly looking forward to reading your other books. You may enjoy my book, Transcendent Teacher Learner Relationships: The Way of the Shamanic Teacher, Hunter OHara
First Name :   Carlos
E-mail :
Comment :   Researching two-spirit people helped me to become more accepting of sexual diversity, including my own sexuality. Thanks for all your work Will!
First Name :   KEN
E-mail :
Comment :   your writing and talent cements history
First Name :   michael
E-mail :   mikemohave@hotmail
Comment :   Dear will, this is a message from a blast from the past, michael tsosie, overjoyed to see you looking sharp as always and loved your pottery publication. Please contact me at my above e-mail or call my cell at (623) 277-8260. Have been trying to locate yo
First Name :   John Hawk Co-Cke
E-mail :
Comment :   Your books have changed my life as a Native American Gay man/women!.. Love you!!
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