Name :   scott j
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Your Location :   st cloud mn
Comments :   He was one bad ass poet/prophet/shaman. I had the privilege to read Stephen Daviss extensive biography while I was living an alcoholic lifestyle so jimmy made a lot of sense to me. I would agree with Daviss opinion that Jims artistic legacy has now vindic
More Comments :   How do I get the audio bytes on this page for my blackberry.
Even more Comments :   
Name :   alan lee
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Your Location :   riverside ca.
Comments :   i grew up with your music and now i am growing old with it. my wife and i love you and always will. we want them to play your song this is the end when we past if that is o.k. with you, love always alan and wife.
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Name :   Frank Gordon (Gem) Stoeffler Jr.
Your Webpage :   My Space/StrangeDreams
Your Location :   Saucier, MS/New Orleans, LA
Comments :   ummm, all I can say is that my Mom was a hotel Maid in 66... I was born July 8th, 1967 My Mom wont give me his full name (bio. father) but she refers to him as JD Cowboy...hmmm
More Comments :   Started my own band in 1982 called Omen... was compared to Jim by my improv. vocals at a show in Mayport, FL... later joined Valentine Smith and recorded 4 stracks with Ray Perkins, John Davis, and 2 studio drummers at Key studio on McDuff in Jax. FL Co-w
Name :   Tasha T. Brown
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Your Location :   Atlanta
Comments :   The Best.
More Comments :   The Very Best
Name :   Candice Evans Greene
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Your Location :   California
Comments :   A Tale of Two Brothers: Reaching out from Beyond In her new book, A Tale of Two Brothers: Jim Morrison & Michael Hutchence ( Jacqueline Murray shares very detailed accounts of the lives and deaths of
More Comments :   I have read every book on Jim Morrison I can find, some good ones, some jokes, some terrible ones, some fictional. This book was not something I was even going to read but someone gave it to me and I am so glad I gave it a fair shot. Its amazing, I could
Name :   Chatoe van Morrison
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Your Location :   Indonesia
Comments :   I Love YoU Mr. Morrison... My Live Like Your Fire... Thank...
More Comments :   Miss Too See You All The Doors...
Name :   Jochen Maaßen
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Your Location :   Germany
Comments :   Hey ya! Thanks for the right spelling/writing of my name. In Germany we use sz (ß) not that much anymore... But you guys dont have that one anyway. Well, over here you can use: ss instead of. As you did! Thank you & thanks to Hans Bezemer! Let th
More Comments :   
Name :   Hans Bezemer
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Your Location :   Delft
Comments : On this page you list Jochen Maaben. Note that this is not a capital B, but a particular German letter called SZ. Youd better write this as Maassen, like Germans would.
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Name :   john
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Your Location :   l.a
Comments :   the best
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Name :   Tom
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Your Location :   Pittsburgh,PA
Comments :   You are one hell of a man, thanks for the gifts.
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