Name: :   john russo
Email: :
Comment: :   Ronald Ekstam 2/7 1st cav 1970.have some pics he was at fire base jamie and barbara in 1948-2001
Name: :   john
Email: :
Comment: :   i a posting for my friend ronald ekstam 2th of the 7th 1 cav who past 1-1-01.i think it was 69-70 south in the dog leg as he called it.
Name: :   Kenneth A. Luikart
Email: :
Comment: :   Sirs, in 1968 or early 1969 our intell section at the 175th Radio Research Co. predicted an attack in the 2/7 1 cav and sent a flash message to your intell folks. They may have already predicted an attack but we had confirmation... the attack occurred but
Name: :   Michael Nemec
Email: :
Comment: :   Supported 2/7 from March 1967 until January 1968 at Phan Thiet. Your listing of 2/7 troopers omits Charles Shukis. Spelling of the last name may be wrong. He was an officer at Phan Thiet in 1967.
Name: :   Clifford (Tex) McMillian
Email: :
Comment: :   could not find my original post so I will start over A 2/7 July 1969 -july 1970 My pic.s are posted New email is garry owen to all welcome sky troopers
Name: :   joe kumpel
Email: :
Comment: :   A Co 1/12 70-71...working on memorial for Elmer Buddy Powell. KIA 5/06/66. Can any of you guys help with circumstances of his loss? I believe he was 1 of 9 skytroopers lost that day.
Name: :   Freddee Crowell
Email: :
Comment: :   2/7TH. CO.C 3RD.PLT.-LZ JAMIE JULY-69-MAR.1970 Call Sign-PONY TEAM 3-INDIA OUT.
Name: :   douglas stephenson
Email: :
Comment: :   I served in nam 66-67 With 2/7 A company and D company . I was hurt in 67 and was sent back to the states. I can not find my name on any of the roseters. ? why?
Name: :   Rick Clark
Email: :
Comment: :   7th cavalry is the greatest.Im a proud life member of the 1st cavalry association.
Name: :   larry rosencrans
Email: :
Comment: :   originally served with Co. C, 1stBn., 12th Inf., 4th Inf. Div. as a rifleman and RTO field operator, in the Central Highlands areas outside of camp Enari in Plieku from July 1969 to Oct. 1969. I then re-enlisted while in Viet Nam for training in small eng
Name: :   Mitch Williams
Email: :
Comment: :   Great job on the website! Thank you all for your service and sacrifice. Welcome Home!
Name: :   Kevin Perrier
Email: :
Comment: :   Does anyone in A-2/7 remember the intial C.A. to open FSB Pershing; maybe in Sept 1970?
Name: :   sgt. john j. dzeroogian
Email: :
Comment: :   was in vietnam in 1965.miss all u brave men. especially sgt. roger stone my buddy. also barker that was in my fire team. u are gone but will never be forgotten !!!
Name: :   james cromwell
Email: :
Comment: :   Steve Myers,Baltimore,James Muldoon,Pensacola,Raymond Mullinox, Greeney SC. Guys in my Platoon. Thanks to them for helping to get us all home! 1970- 1971 Air Cav.
Name: :   efrem
Email: :   tejeda
Comment: :   Veteran 2/7th 1st Cab. Div. 70-71
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