Name :   Melanie G
Make of car :   Honda Element SC
Date of installation :   6-20-16
Location :   El Portal, FL
E-mail :   
Comment :   Jose was extremely professional, reliable and honest. Uninstallation was quick, and he made it look all the more easy. Highly recommend

Name :   Melanie G.
Make of car :   Honda Element SC
Date of installation :   6/20/16
Location :   El Portal
E-mail :   
Comment :   I had a Clifford previously installed in my 2007 Honda Element SC. It slowly but surely began to cause me issues after leaving it in a body shop for about 3 weeks (Franks Collison Center, I dont recommend). My control came back completely demolished. I ra

Name :   robert gonzalez
Make of car :   chevy aveo 2006
Date of installation :   
Location :   fort meyrs fl
E-mail :
Comment :   anyone knows , Spanish , English I do not , need your service for starter control in fort myers fl. 33901 , 2424 Edwards dr my car chevy aveo 2006 5 door . thanks

Name :   felix
Make of car :   honda civic
Date of installation :   07-20-15
Location :   miami
E-mail :
Comment :   very clean installation on the Excalibur alarm system. it was great that you come to my job for the alarm installation because of my busy schedule sorry you had to work on the rain. might have you come out to program the self arming for me. thanks

Name :   Len Holloway
Make of car :   Dodge Dakota
Date of installation :   1-21-14
Location :   Miami, FL
E-mail :
Comment :   Excellent repair. They are very professional and honest. Thanks!

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