First Name :   Barb
Comments :   Love reading about your good work and the recent “1,000 Red Noses Project”. Your AATH friend, Barb Your guestbook says, Your Fiend, Debra:)

First Name :   Jean
Comments :   Simplemente un buen corazón, lleno de amor y humor invaluables, dúo capaz de alimentar a todo aquel que lo necesita..... ¿Qué más puedo pedir?, which means, not literally but real, how could I get any better than this?

First Name :   SharynJayne
Comments :   I see your name in meandering Now i have found your BloG I shall return to your bits of laughter. Sj

First Name :   Sherri
URL :   
Comments :   Thank you for bringing joy into our mother daughter dinner, had so much fun. Hope we connect soon. Sherri Birkey

First Name :   Faheem
URL :   
Comments :   You are so amazing. You seem to have accomplished so much in your short time here on Earth, I wish you much success in the present and future. LOVE, Faheem

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