First Name :   Brian
State :   Ohio
Surname :   Murphy
Email Address (Optional) :
Comment :   Angela Marie: I have recently resumed my family history research and stumbled onto your site. My lineage is through the Peters family, specifically Solomon who was born in 1800/Rockingham County, VA and died in 1892/Guernsey County, OH. As I have been rev
First Name :   John
State :   Florida
Surname :   Connors
Email Address (Optional) :
Comment :   Hi Angela Marie! Thank you for your wonderful research! Antonio is my Great Great Great Grandfather! Margaret Mary Fitzgerald Connors is my mother.
First Name :   
State :   
Surname :   
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Comment :   Hello cousin I am a descendant of JEAN-BAPTISTE MORIN-MORROW and ELISABETH HOULE do you have any more information about the Morin/Morreau/Morrows?
First Name :   Jennifer
State :   Ohio
Surname :   
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Comment :   Wonderful site! We think my grandma Mary was the daughter of Ella Schwehr (married Ed Fox) and Ella was the daughter of Albert Schwehr of Sandusky.
First Name :   Eileen
State :   PA
Surname :   (Laub) Augustine
Email Address (Optional) :
Comment :   Several years ago, I saw a framed poster of the Snakehunters hanging in a Bruceton, WV, restaurant. The owner would not allow me to copy it. I was overjoyed to find it on your site. Please keep up the good work!
First Name :   J
State :   WV
Surname :   Metheny
Email Address (Optional) :   
Comment :   Thrilled to find your site! Thank you for sharing with the world and me. You have provided some much needed information about my Christopher family tree. Great, great grandaughter of ELMER EMMOR CHRISTOPHER.
First Name :   Laura
State :   Ohio
Surname :   Decker
Email Address (Optional) :   
Comment :   Thank you for all your help. What a wonderful site. Thank you for all you do!
First Name :   Rick
State :   Florida
Surname :   Werling
Email Address (Optional) :
Comment :   Thank you for your efforts in bringing our family together in your magnificent research!
First Name :   John
State :   Colorado
Comments :   A distant cousin married Gehazi J. Peters. Where did you get the information regarding the births of his parents and sibling. Loved your statement of values. What a blessing a righteous individual is to those around her/him.
First Name :   Victoria Rae
State :   Hess
Comments :   Great website ... I am still looking for Frank Hess, Jr... born 1920 in Elwood Indiana to Frank and Mamie. If you find him... send him my way!
First Name :   Lois Christopher Caler
State :   South Carolina
Comments :   John E. Christopher, b Dec 10, 1814 is my GGGrandfather. Rufus Columbus Christopher, his son, is my GGrandfather. RCs son, Charles E. Christopher is my Grandfather. Great Legacy - I will be in touch!
First Name :   chris werling
State :   indiana
Comments :   its about time. thank you Richard Victor Werling was my dad.
First Name :   Madge
Comment :   GREAT JOB My GG Grand Father Daughter Susie E Kelley married Austin T Lonsway Madge Rogers
First Name :   Mary Ann Payne
Comment :   Great, great, great granddaughter of joseph n. Lonsway a brother of Peter. Your site is very helpful I can fill in a few things I do not have. thanks
First Name :   M.Jo
Comment :   My husband is from the Werling family of Lambsheim,Germany, and settled in Meigs Co. Ohio. Then some came west to Iowa.
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