First Name :   Karen
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Comment :   Thank you for sharing your story and resources. My daughters baby was diagnosed at 19 weeks pregnancy. Due to toxemia, she was induced at 20 weeks. Her daughter lived for about 20 minutes, in December of 2015. Your site has been very helpful.
First Name :   Bonnie
Date of Visit :   2/1/03
How did you find this site? :   looked up T18 onweb
Comments :   This was a very touching and encouraging site for me. I am 4 wks away from full term for a T-18 little boy named Braden. This site gave alot of insite and helpful tips. May God continue to hold you in the palm of his hand.
City and State :   New Ipswich, NH
First Name :   stephanie
Date of Visit :   31/01/2003
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Comments :   this is not my first visit, but i never reaslised how similar our stories are. Our third baby also died in similar circumstances and we had the same thoughts. I so envy you to have had your precious baby for 5 days. WE brought Talina home but she had al
City and State :   QLD, australia
First Name :   jennifer
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Comments :   i am crying my eyeballs out right now because everything was so beautiful. i have a daughter with trisomy 18(full)and she was born on 10-4-02. she is the love of my life.
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First Name :   Jaymi
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Comments :   Uncle Steve, Aunt Mindy, Nathan, & Sarah, what a beautiful blessing Abigail was while she was here! We love you and think about your family every day!
City and State :   Fort Worth, TX
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