First Name :   Hugo
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Comment :   Im an actor and am just fexing my wings as a playwright. Im a huge fan of your work and the themes you explore are very much connected to what Im trying to write into my plays. My very nest to you!!
First Name :   Tom
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Comment :   Hey Will, Hihanni Lachin Tom here in Minnesota, a two spirited man who got my name over the years in Dakhota and Lakota rituals, Cante waste nape ecuziapi with a good heart I shake your hand (virtually)- spirit (at sun dance this year, wi wang wachipi) su
First Name :   Jim
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Comment :   Hi Will, Thanks for this wonderful website! I have long admired the work your concerning LGBT people in tribal cultures and the legacy of Harry Hay, so its nice to see such a wonderful resource for it all here. There were some fun surprises too- music mix
First Name :   Keith
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Comment :   Great to see this site. I plan to spend more time there. Thanks for all of your priceless contributions to history.
First Name :   Cash
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Comment :   Hello, I am currently doing a book review on, Changing Ones, for my college course. As a student and history novice, I am completely... at awe on the work I have read, and will most likely re-read again. Thank you for a brilliant history and perception
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